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The Ocean at the End of the World (3).pn

This book explains how the mind and body react in times of crisis and how managing our thoughts and behaviours can help us stay calm despite what is going on in the wider world. Learn how:

+ To spot your anxious thoughts and how to find a balanced perspective

+ To stop or limit the time you spend worrying

+ Diet, sleep and the choices we make every day affect how anxious we feel

+ To manage your anxiety, strengthening your immune system and ability to cope

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"This is a very well written informative book that my daughter (12) and I have really benefited from.
Thoroughly recommend to help with anxiety and understanding our thoughts and worries, putting into practice the ways to work through them.
Definitely one of my happy books ❤️"

“the main benefit of the book for me was learning how to stop worrying”

“this book was easy to understand and helped me to identify my issues. I felt the book was about me and I am sure that everybody who will read this book will relate it to themselves at some point. It's made my mind relax and composed and from now on I know how to deal with my anxiety”

“There is a lot of useful information that can be VERY beneficial”

“The book is a comprehensive handbook to beat anxiety and panic.. I believe its content can be utilised for any kind of anxiety”

“I learnt that there are ways I can do more to control my anxious thoughts”

“The book is informative, comprehensive and easy to understand. It involves real-time exercises. As I found out, those exercises work wonders...I would definitely recommend this book to anyone suffering from anxiety or panic. With the current situation (Corona Pandemic), I believe the book is more useful than ever. It goes in detail about the thinking process that triggers anxiety and ways to eradicate it.”

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