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What to expect from a course of therapy


A course of CBT therapy starts with an initial assessment appointment where you will have the opportunity to talk about the problems you have been experiencing, learn more about how CBT works and understand what you will get out of a course of therapy. 


At the end of this session we will usually have a good idea what the best course of treatment will be and the number of sessions that this will take. This is usually between 8 and 14 sessions but can often be more or less depending on the situation.


We will first understand the problems you are experiencing by exploring how your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and body physiology are interacting in different situations. In particular, we want to understand how your thought patterns and actions are impacting on the way you feel.










During the sessions we will use a number of exercises and strategies that have been proven to help to overcome the problems you are experiencing. We will tailor these to your specific situation and help you to incorporate them into your life at your own pace. You will build a toolkit of psychological skills and strategies that you are able to use to deal with difficult situations and life events should they occur in the future.


Towards the end of the course of therapy, we will spend time planning how you will continue to build on the improvements you have made in therapy so that you feel confident that you can deal with any potential difficulties you may encounter in the future.

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