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What Is CBT


CBT is a type of talking therapy that helps you to understand difficulties by examining what leads to their development, what is maintaining them in the present moment and how to change them so they no longer block your progress or enjoyment of life.


CBT is a collaborative therapy where the therapist and client work together to help the client move from their problems to their goals.


CBT is present-focused. Whilst we understand the development of problems, therapy for most people focuses more on how problems are affecting you in the present day. This leads to faster improvements in the way you will feel.


CBT is a time-limited therapy. This means that it is designed to treat a specific problem or problems and will therefore come to a natural end when you are feeling better. It is usually possible to know how many sessions will be needed after the initial assessment has taken place.


CBT is the most researched and evidence based talking therapy. This means that it has been shown to be effective in helping people overcome their problems and is one of the main recommended therapy approaches for a wide range of problems (National Institute for Clinical Excellence, NICE).


CBT can help you to learn effective ways to improve your mood, manage difficult or painful emotions, develop or re-develop self-confidence and overcome anxiety enabling you to move forwards in all areas of your life.

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