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Next cohort starting 9th October 2023

The parents I work with often tell me the same things:​​

Picture of Navit Schechter

"I find my child’s behaviours so hard to handle, it really triggers me"

"My own mental health gets in the way of being the mum I want to be"

"I'm worried I'm passing my own issues on to my kids"

"I can't respond the way I want to because of the way I was parented myself"

"I’d love to be a more gentle parent but find myself snapping because I get so overwhelmed"

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If you're anything like me, when you dreamt of becoming a parent, you imagined having a calm, loving connection with your children... visions of them growing up happily, enjoying time together, being able to resolve issues calmly and confidently when they arose...

The reality for many is that having children; the chaos, uncertainty, pressures and demands, can feel overwhelming & can trigger old emotional wounds

Is this the true purpose of becoming a parent?

An opportunity to work through "our own stuff" in order to grow and develop and change the passage of these patterns over time

That's why we developed the emotional regulation programme. To give you the space to learn how to regulate your own emotions and help you work through your "own stuff" in a safe and supportive place. So that you can be the calm, patient and supportive parent that you want to be.


Why this programme?

As a parent you naturally want to be there for your children, guide them, teach them & support them when they need you


But teaching your children to regulate their own emotions is really hard if you never experienced learning this yourself


This is evolving with each generation and most of the parents that come to us are looking for help and support in breaking the intergenerational patterns that they are now aware of and no longer want to pass on to future generations. The CBT strategies we use with our clients are simple and evidence-based. And perfect for helping parents understand and regulate their emotional reactions.

The Emotional regulation programme will teach you how to regulate your own emotions.


So that you can understand your triggers, regulate your own emotions in any situation, raise your children the way you want to and support your children to do the same. The group programme will help you achieve this in a manageable and unconditionally supportive way.

So you will be able to:


  • Regulate your nervous system and feel calmer and more relaxed

  • No longer be held back by negative and unhelpful thoughts, so you can live life the way you want to

  • Have more patience, remain calm and loving when your kids get worked up

  • Work through difficult emotions, so you have more energy and can be more present

  • Feel confident that you’re teaching your children how to deal with their strong emotions too

  • Know that you have the tools to support yourself and your family through even the toughest of challenges

Programme Overview

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Here’s what others have to say


How it works

This is a 12-week programme (with a break for all UK school holidays)

You’ll receive an online video & workbook each week, step-by-step guidance teaching you everything you need to know about managing your emotions (and helping your family to too)

Each week there will be a group coaching call helping you to put what you’ve learnt into practice and deal with any obstacles that come up for you (every Wednesday at 12pm)

You’ll have access to an online exclusive inner circle for support and connection with like-minded mums on the same path


And access to daily support, guidance and motivation from an experienced therapist


And more… all for the cost of less than 3 therapy sessions

Picture of Navit Schechter

Why Navit?

Navit is a qualified and experienced Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, specialising in working with parents and families. She has supported parents and families for over 20 years.

She is the founder of Conscious & Calm where she helps parents become more present, live a life of calm, balance and fulfilment and raise happier and more connected kids.

Conscious & Calm was awarded GHP’s Mental health experts of the year UK in 2022.

What will you get from the programme?



Learning to regulate your own emotions will help you and your family feel calmer and less stressed



By breaking old patterns, you’ll ditch unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that hold you back so you can be authentically and confidently you


When you’re no longer carrying around the weight of difficult emotions, life becomes easier and more enjoyable



When you’re calmer and less reactive, your kids will feel safer & calmer and will be more able to listen to you when you need them to

If you’re ready to take control of how you feel, learn how to manage and not be controlled by difficult emotions like guilt, shame and anxiety and transform the way you interact with your family and experience the world (for you and future generations), there’s no better time than now.

This is the real deal. The skills you will learn in this programme are based on CBT methods that have been scientifically proven. I have taught these same exercises to hundreds of people and have seen over and over again how they can completely change your life for the better. If you don’t want to invest in one-to-one coaching this is the next best thing. Register today and get ready to take back control.


1. ​Is this a parenting course?

No, not really. It’s a course for you to learn everything you need to to be able to manage your own emotions. Which will help you to feel calmer, happier and less stressed. And as a result will mean that you’re able to be the parent you want to be, more of the time. You’ll also learn how to understand and support your children with their emotions too.

2. I have a habit of starting a course and not finishing it, is this for me?

This is a common problem with online courses and were doing what we can to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Week 1 is dedicated to setting you up for success and what you need to do to create the time for you once and for all. We’ve also included the inner circle where I (and the other mums on the same path) will be to support you throughout the whole 12 weeks and help keep you motivated and accountable

3. I don’t know if I have enough time, what is the time commitment?

There is flexibility in how much time you commit to the programme. The more time you spend on your personal growth, the more you will get out of it but this programme is designed with busy mums in mind. A minimum of 1 hour a week and 10 minutes on the other days will likely be enough to benefit. The more we are able to manage negative thoughts and feelings the more space and time we feel we have.

The inner circle is there so that you can get the support you need when you need it over the 12 weeks.

4. What sort of time would need to be applied each week?

The workshops are between about 20 and 40 minutes a week (they come as audio too if you prefer to listen). The workbooks are to work through as you listen (maybe add another 10-15 minutes a week) and then as much or as little as you want to contribute in the group

5. Is there any kind of example available to get an idea of what I’d be signing up for?

Yes of course, send us an email to with the area of the programme you’re most interested in and we’ll send you some of the workshop videos relevant so you can see if they’re right for you.

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